Who is gmoss?

A writer who cannot pick good pseudonyms.

You want proof?

The full name on some books written by gmoss is Georgevine Moss.

By now, you must be intrigued.


Your child is dead. Murdered. How far would you go to find the murderer? Mrs. Lombard went too far. Read her story now.

Zombie Curse book cover

You've planned a nice family vacation. You are really into plants and animals. You get to your destination. So far so good. But what is that thing down in the mine? Find out now.

Miners book cover

The Miners short story is free on kobo.com.

Has your family ever pressured you to do something with your life? No, not have fun, more like getting married. Don't read this one.

Harry Got Hitched book cover


You are locked up in a mental hospital. All you want is to be free. There's an explosion. You can escape. What do you do? If you are Sandrelle you bolt. Free at last. You even get an apartment and money from some mysterious aunt. You didn't even know you had a family. Do you turn down the offer? You know there's a catch, a price to pay. Sandrelle will have to make a tough choice, and the price? Her freedom. What is she going to do? Find out now.

Dementia book cover


One brave soul actually bought the novel Dementia back in March 2020 on kobo.com, I kid you not. The question is are you brave enough? Brave enough to tweet about it too? Prove it. Click here to tweet about it.

One kind soul, or according to internet memes a Canadian, reviewed the novel Dementia on goodreads.com


Are you a parent, tired of reading the same story until you decide it's OK not to be the best parent in the world after all? Alex is here to help you. Alex wakes up in a room with a strange door. He opens it. Alex is chatty. The dragon behind the door is lonely. The result? A long chat and the beginning of an adventure. Will Alex find the buried treasure? Why did the dragon warn him to be careful? Find out now in this text-heavy picture book.

Alex at the magic island of the Knights book cover

It’s Halloween. David, your kid, is out trick-or-treating. A strange storm forms. David enters Mr. Rinehart’s home because it’s all very scary. You’ve told that kid to never enter a stranger’s home. What now? Find out in this somewhat rhyming, somewhat strange story for kids who really, really like Halloween.

Halloween book cover


Have you ever had to wait for the right moment to make a decision, got impatient, went ahead and a minute later you regretted not waiting for that one minute before acting? One minute. Seriously, just one minute. You could have avoided this. Learn how you could have delayed making that decision by visiting justputaneyeonit.com. Then dig deeper, read about the Just Put an Eye On It! philosophy. If you like what you discover have fun with it by dabbling into coloring with the Just Put An Eye On It! coloring book.

What's in it for you?

Decrease stress

Increase creativity

Start drawing

Just Put An Eye On It coloring book cover


You've watched a horror movie or two. All these people in these movies, torn between bad choices. Not you, though. You can find the funny in anything. Start here.

Horror Movie Dilemmas webtoons link

Yes, you are funny. But can you find the funny in this? You are a woman. You are in a relationship with a man. You get pregnant. Now what? Find out here.

One Day webtoons link


Police Killings in the Year 2020 and History

What does basketball have to do with chocolate?

Fortnite-inspired Flash Fiction


You want to do a scene by scene breakdown of a script? Check out this example for the movie "12 Years a Slave." Then click around gointothestory.blcklst.com to learn more about script analysis and writing.


You want to hang something on your wall? These paintings exist in physical form. They are big. But you can choose the size you want on fineartamerica.com.

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