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Tools of the Trade

I've seen some amazing coloring being done with Copic markers. It seems like shading and highlighting becomes so much easier. If you are serious about your coloring or if you know someone who wants to take their drawing into the next level, the Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set is a good choice.

The Just Put An Eye On It! coloring book though is most likely not a good candidate for the Copic markers. The whole idea behind the Just Put An Eye On It! philosophy is that it is easy (and beneficial!) for everyone to draw and color with no means necessary. That is, no time, no fancy tools, no talent (that you know of!) necessary. So, grab whatever pen there is within sight and start having fun! Whether it’s inking (outlining) or coloring, even a simple BIC pen will do.

That said, if you want to get fancy and inking calms you down then the Copic Markers 9-Piece Multiliner Inking Pen Set might come in handy.

Practical Note: Even if you are really into art and the Just Put An Eye On It! philosophy isn’t enough to keep you away from fancy coloring tools, you should be aware that the drawings in the Just Put An Eye On It! coloring book are small and the paper thin, so the potential of Copic markers or other such markers would be wasted on it. Lots of inking opportunities in the book though!

Finally, if you’re an artist, well first of, what are you doing here? Second, the Copic markers Classic 72 color set is the one gift for you. Unless you have time for oil painting, then I’d recommend that.

Personally, I’m currently experimenting with a 3D pen. More to come…

Happy drawing,

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